Connections between
Children and their

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Welcome to The 4Cs Foundation!

The 4Cs Foundation provides grants, education and other opportunities for community arts projects that inspire, empower, and connect children and their communities in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We believe that creating art together fosters the development of relationships, builds connections and strengthens communities. More about us...

Community Arts Projects in Halifax, NS

SEED grants fund the development of new ideas and approaches in community arts. These grants support projects that

  • come up with new or better ways of doing things (more efficiently or effectively) leading to greater impact.
  • allow an organization to learn as a result of testing ideas or concepts that have not been tried before.
  • respond to emerging issues in a community.
  • explore the feasibility of ideas or approaches that are new or unproven.
  • build connections between children, individuals, groups or organizations.

Explore the links on this website for more information or call 4Cs Foundation  902-422-4805

This year we are pleased to offer Art Bikers through a partnership with Wonder'neath Arts Society  Art Bikers will work out of this wonderful artist and community space located at 2891 Isleville street in Halifax, NS.

Art Bikers welcomes two new team members: Devon Pennick-Reilly and Jessica MacDonald join Eric Diolola and Merle Harley (returning Art Bikers).

Our training starts May 16th with our first public activity on June 4th for SWITCH Dartmouth  Hope to see you there!