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Terri Whetstone Retirement Announced

I am retiring from my position as Executive Director of the 4-C's Foundation on January 31, 2021. 
It has been delightful working with you in the community over these last fifteen years and I am proud of the work of the foundation. Good luck to all of you! 

The 4Cs mandate is to build creative connections between children and their communities through community arts projects in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Children do better when they are connecting with a supportive community of people who care about their wellbeing, health and safety. The 4Cs Foundation has a 19 year history of providing grants for arts-based community projects that bring people (children, neighbours, community members across generations and abilities) together. We know that working side-by-side in creative projects fosters connections between participants that strengthens communities.

Established 1999, the activities of the Foundation are governed by the Foundation Trustees and are administered by Terri Whetstone, Executive Director.

Our History

Inspired by their own community experiences, a small group of individuals in Halifax, Nova Scotia established the 4Cs Foundation in December 1999, as a privately funded, grant-giving foundation. Initially providing grants for projects in public schools, in 2006 we expanded our funding opportunities to include non-profit organizations in the broader HRM community.  

4Cs Foundation also invests in the local community cultural scaffolding through providing professional development, training and networks.  Since 2007 we have offered the Art Bikers program each summer. We have trained and provided employment for over 40 artists to date, while providing free art programming at a neighbourhood level to over 7000 community members of all ages.   We offer training and workshops in community arts facilitation and project development and host the Community Arts Circle - a network of artists and others working in or with an interest in community arts. In 2010 the 4Cs Foundation organized the symposium and training intensive Arts Engage! Arts for Community Engagement. A key achievement of the symposium was inspiring local community members with the ideas of Intersection Repair based on (Portland's) City Repair's model. This has resulted in several  community-driven Neighbourhood Intersection painting projects throughout Halifax and area.

We are proud of our arts-based community development work with children, youth, artists, schools, organizations and community members in HRM.