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The Community Arts Circle (CAC) is an initiative of the 4Cs Foundation started in 2010 to foster and support a local community of practise by meeting, connecting with, and sharing information, inspirations, ideas, and opportunities in a network of community arts/ arts-based community development peers and interested people.

4Cs organizes and hosts open gatherings every three or four months in an informal potluck setting. Using a "circle sharing" process, participants exchange information and opportunities about their community arts work and initiatives, while connecting to peers and sometimes developing new partnerships. 

We also have a Community Arts Circle Facebook page specifically for arts-based community development, community arts for social change and Social Arts Practice that we administer. Anyone with an interest in these topics is welcome to join:  or to message 4Cs Foundation and asked to be added to the CAC email list. 

For more information on the Community Arts Circle (CAC) call 422-4805 or email