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Helpful Tips for 4Cs Grant Applicants


  • Apply to 4Cs is your project is to take place outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality.
  • Send a generic, one size fits all application with no mention 4Cc Foundation's mandate or interests.
  • Send a 20-page proposal with numerous attachments-or, alternatively, a one-page letter with minimal information.
  • Use jargon or acronyms that are not spelled out.
  • Apply for a project that starts within six weeks of a funding deadline. For example if you want to do a project over the summer, it is best to apply to either the October 15 or the January 15 deadline - not the May 1st!
  • Take a negative response personally. Even an unsuccessful application can be the start of a relationship with the 4Cs Foundation where we can help you apply to another deadline.


  • Apply early. Our funding year starts each September. Aim to apply to the October 15 deadline. The application deadlines are October 15, January 15 and May 1 each year.
  • Take the time to find out as much as you can about the 4Cs Foundation beforehand (through our website and/or calling, etc.).
  • Tailor your request to the mandate of the 4Cs Foundation.
    The mandate of the 4Cs Foundation is to build connections between children and their communities through arts projects in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Work with an artist who has experience facilitating community arts projects.
  • Come to the point. Somewhere near the beginning of your proposal, state in one or two sentences precisely what you want to do, and what part of the project the foundation's grant would be used for.
  • Describe how and how often the project will bring children and their community together to work side-by side.
  • Describe what efforts you are planning to get participants involved and engaged in the project.
  • Include the artist's CV and highlight when and where the artist has worked with community members in arts projects.
  • Demonstrate community support (volunteer hours, financial contributions, etc.). It is helpful to have an active community volunteer, school Principal, teacher, or community organization representative write a support letter that includes how they will be involved in the project as well as their support for the idea.
  • Show, whenever possible, that you will be collaborating with other organizations in implementing your project.
  • Continue to approach 4Cs from time to time even if you have been declined. Our support for community arts in HRM continues to involve. Stay in touch by coming to Community Arts Circle or through our webpage or Facebook pages.