Laneway Painting Chebucto Lane 2013

Please Note: As of March 2015 we have suspended our funding for Neighbourhood Intersection Painting projects as a result of changes to the Halifax Municipal Community Arts program. 

A Brief History of Intersection Painting in Halifax, Nova Scotia

In June 2010, the 4Cs Foundation brought City Repair (Portland, OR) to Halifax during our Arts Engage! Symposium to share the practice of Intersection Painting with workshop participants. Several of these participants then took a leadership role forming a group called Placemaking Halifax  to create the first Intersection Painting in their own neighbourhood (Northwood Terrace and Black Street) in 2012. This initiative had significant organizational support from the HRM Community Arts facilitator and was supported by a grant from the 4Cs Foundation. Since then, 4Cs Foundation has provided grants for five citizen-led intersection painting projects.

The 4C Foundation provided grants for the following projects:

Deacon Street and Windcrest Blvd. (Click to see a time lapse video of the painting)

Mulgrave Park

Black Street and Northwood Terrace (and its re-painting in 2014)

Chebucto Lane, Halifax

Dartmouth North at Harbour View Elementary School